Pathia Red-Tawner (pathia) wrote,
Pathia Red-Tawner

Videogame Room: Equipment Needed!


We operate on a donation based system only! We need equipment donations for the room. I live out in Seattle now, not the east coast, so it's not exactly easy to haul everything out and into a suitcase and/or ship it over.

So we need your help!

Any system at all is fine. Retrogaming? All for it! Bring it whatever you like and think others would enjoy. Multiplayer gaming is the only sort we want though. We also will need equipment for DDR, Rock Band and Smash Brothers. We have tournaments for them, so we definitely will need extra equipment for them.

Important Disclaimer: Anthrocon has no liability for your equipment, you give it to us of your own free will. We will do are darndest not to let it get stolen, or damaged. We'll have someone posted at all times to keep an eye on the room, but if anything is damaged, we can't pay for it. We also have an inventory system to keep it from walking out with the wrong person.

So please, don't bring in your collectors items that are irreplaceable!

(Bodies are useful toooooo!)
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