Pathia Red-Tawner (pathia) wrote,
Pathia Red-Tawner

Random pondering and queries

I'm going to speak in broad terms and generalizations and I don't mean offense, but I'll likely cause some.

Seriously, this boggles my mind. Especially since I was once in their number a few years ago. A conservative fiscally, socially, yet I would go home and jack off to gender fucked porn. Then turn around and rail against 'special rights' for the very thing I was attracted to at times. Exactly how does this work? It didn't work for me and eventually my mind had a segfault and I reformatted my politics. How exactly does the logic stream work I wonder?

Conservatism fiscally with this is easy, no problem, money is money. However, the social conservatism seems to be such a paradox I can't really figure it out. The way I explained it when I was in this group was to not explain it, or get pissed off and storm off. I mean, even Clarence Fucking Thomas is OK hate crimes laws.

Incidentally, my personal view is that hate crimes should be a separate charge, something akin to a terrorist act. If you assault/kill someone because you hate a particular class of people, you are not just attacking a random person, you are attacking a particular segment of the population in an effort to incite terror and express your qualification of that segment as nonhuman. Particularly as they tend to be violent. There, to me, is a difference between a random stabbing that leaves someone dead and a random stabbing that involves gutting the victim, cutting off their genitals and stuffing them in the victim's mouth (Seems to be a trend in some trans-killings, that)

Yet these people are completely against all these protections, and God forbid they be in favor of job discrimination protection. The only job any non-normal gendered person is adapted to is sex-work after all, gotta get out those inner desires somehow I guess by forcing their fantasy on others by making sure all opportunities in life are complete stifled.

How do they reconcile their view, with the fact that I've been denied employment, insurance, medical aid, abused by people, physically, sexually, then had the cops LAUGH at me over the incident then threaten to arrest *ME* for prostitution to get me to shut the fuck up.

Seriously, how the hell do you reconcile a lack of protections for minorities when these very real examples happen, every day with impunity and no recourse?
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