Pathia Red-Tawner (pathia) wrote,
Pathia Red-Tawner

The Madness of Furp

There are several accountings on how to make slurm. I have observed the following so far.

If you consume this, do so responsibly.

Its 1 gallons worth of Gatorade powder, 1 gallons worth of tang, sour apple puckers, sour apple vodka, sour apple schnapps , fill with a decent amount of water (We used ice). For adding alcoholic taste, use a vodka with an everclear type percentage (Or both vodka and everclear, thanks DI!)

This is me stumbling into #furry on anthrochat, while our gathering after the party wound down. I don't know what recipe we ended up using, but there was tang, Gatorade, some vodka. Then the DI thought that we needed a pick me up, and dropped a liberal amount of everclear into at as well. You couldn't taste the alcohol very much, this is VERY dangerous stuff if you don't know your limit. So drink with friends and drink slowly unless you're a seasoned consumer.

The following took place at our after gathering-gathering, where we recreated some of this volitile tasty stuff. I logged on #furry on anthrochat (One of Furp's online hangout's) and rambled the following.

[Pathia] i am drunk and have bene for hourss I have no idea waaaaa
[Pathia] i has aieplane thingi in 4hours
[Pathia] well at thee adter apaartny ^ had 3 long iskand then bavk a hotel we had slurm with wverclear

Before you ask.

1.) I remember the evening
2.) I did not have much of a hangover, probably because of below
3.) Yes, I drank lots of liquids

Three is very important. If you think chewing aspirin is bad (We passed some around, we did do so in his memory last night) I shudder to think of the mischief he could cook up and trigger from where he is now. Be warned!
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