Pathia Red-Tawner (pathia) wrote,
Pathia Red-Tawner

Medical Issues==Depression?

This is TMI and it involves trans stuff, so I'm putting it behind a cut.

I really, REALLY *REALLY* hate blaming things on hormones. It seems like such a cheap out, but let me give you the details here.

Well...lets give a run down of what's going on with my endocrine system lately.

There's much debate on what the ideal testosterone level is for a male. However, the test results I got the last time were supposed to be 175-781 ng/dL. What were the last two ones I pinged on tests?

First one was 812 ng/dl, the second one? 1532 ng/dl. This would be considered an incredibly dangerously high level for a male in the middle of puberty, it's dangerously high. See that 781 above? That's for being in the middle of puberty, I'm DOUBLE that. Keep in mind also, I'm supposed to be in the FEMALE range now! This is 14-76ng/dl. This means I am 20 to 100 TIMES too high.

It's like I'm doing 'roids or something. Despite this, my doctors won't up any of my medicines. They continue to actually dose me about the same as a post menopausal woman would take, if she needed HRT for hot flashes etc. What they do instead is keep trying different sorts of estrogens (I am on patches now instead of pills for example). However, the actual dose in this patch is even LOWER than the pil I had before.

Does this make ANY sense to any of you with some medical knowledge? My hair is starting to thin more, I'm losing it every day in the shower, my acne has returned, I'm having body and facial hair grow in where I never even had it before. I've had a cat scan and an MRI, there was nothing abnormal that would be making my body do that there. (Pituitary gland would do it).

What's particularly frightening is that GLBT is apparently their 'specialty'. I'm afraid my current doctors are just...clueless, they mean well or maybe I just have a really fucking weird body, which I totally admit could be true. Who do you go to, when there doesn't seem to be a name for what's going on?
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