Pathia Red-Tawner (pathia) wrote,
Pathia Red-Tawner

My luck roll for this month is now officially a 1

So right now my checking account reads as somewhere around negative *insert five digit figure* here. Why? Well, I made a large deposit, and in the way things work with very large checks, they're supposed to credit your account, then put that amount on hold.

They only did that second part.

So, until they fix it, their system is going to continue bitchslapping me with gigantic fees until they manage to figure out who flipped the wrong switch and/or pushed the wrong button.

I am going to get a new bank, probably a credit union, as soon as fucking possible. This is absolutely retarded.

I can dispute, and win, all these charges. Conveniently however I can only call during business hours to get the department that does such things. Conveniently the hold time will be ridiculous, and keep me from getting any work done.
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