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It continues to crumble in horrible wails of agony.

Apparently my dad tried to rally just about everyone to petition a local mental health group to take mom in, in some sort of intervention.

It...didn't go well. See, she's not suicidal, so really they couldn't do anything, but mom found out he was planning this. So now all of her protests of 'everyone out to get her' are more or less true, which means she's shoving everyone away even faster.

She's also hellbent on wedging her new guy into my life too, despite me being 3000 miles away. Apparently she's told him 'everything' about me, and he's perfectly fine with my lifestyle and that it would be wonderful if I would visit them or talk to him on the phone. Seriously...what...the...fuck. Is it normal for your fifty year old mom to want you talk to her three-week boyfriend as if he was some sort of new father figure?

Ontop of this her CA125 counts are through the roof. She maintains that she's feeling great and alive but cancer is starting to spread out through her body at a scary rate.

My youngest brother, who was always closest to mom, is so shocked and stunned by this his grades have been falling apart. So, he's thought about joining the military and dropping out of college.

Oh yea, ontop of all this? That interview is in a few hours...lovely...just wonderful. I'm a fucking mental carwreck and I have that on my shoulders to deal with in the middle of it. Wonderful
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