Pathia Red-Tawner (pathia) wrote,
Pathia Red-Tawner

Pyrex sucks now

Apparently at some point, without really telling consumers, Pyrex changed over to regular soda-lime glass. This is the stuff that really really cheap glass products are made of, it used to be made of labratory grade Borosilicate glass. This allowed it to be heated to high temperatures by bunsen burners, it eventually migrated into the kitchen.

Yet what does their website say, despite it being made out of really cheap ass glass?

"PYREX® glassware products can go directly from refrigerator or freezer to a microwave, convection, or preheated conventional oven."

Why am I babbling about this at 5:34am PST? Well, tyrc was doing a cookie round like before and was melting some butter. She had the pyrex piece filled with butter looking and talking to me over the sink. It did not touch anything and suddenly simply exploded, shattering into many many pieces. Multiple large chunks, but what was in her hand was nearly sandlike. It happened so fast and so surreal like it felt like a jumpcut from a really low budget movie. One second pyrex, another second a hand full of glass grits.

Apparently this is a common phenomenon now and it seems relatively luck that the kitchen itself and she herself were undamaged due to the insane forces of these explosions. I am pretty sure had there not been borders around the glass would have been thrown well over ten to fifteen feet in either direction if not more. Pyrex USED to be able to be heated on a burner, however they changed the glass type and have not really educated the consumer that the 'Pyrex' they buy now functions NOTHING like the 'Pyrex' from decades ago.

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