Pathia Red-Tawner (pathia) wrote,
Pathia Red-Tawner

Anthrocon - Do's and Don'ts when handling dragonesses


1.) Say hi! I'm a total flake at cons. Especially for a once in a year event, so unless we're close I may not remember your name. I always remember faces I've met, but my brain's ability to connect face+name is weak during the spazzyness of a con. If I flake out and don't recall a name, it's not your fault, it's me and I likely remember you, your face and things we've done in the past. I just can't associate names well. I associate people with emotions and experiences more than 'labels'.

2.) Hugs, scritches and the like are all perfectly welcome. Just no bearhugs please, this is important.
a.) My back is evil.
b.) I'll be wearing water bras most of the con. Don't made me explode, please! It makes quite a mess!

3.) Buy/offer me booze/invite me to room parties. I'm irish/german mix, so bring on the booze. I don't drink as much as I used to, but cons are one of the few events a year that I still do it anymore. Beer does not sit well with me though, hops upset my stomach.

4.) Ask me to go breakfast/lunch/dinner with you. I have the metabolism of a small mammal. I can always eat, and eat a lot at something like a con is always good. The number one cause of confunk is the lowered immune system from lack of food and water. I have explicitly made NO plans for any particular meals at the con. I will likely plan my meals as they come, or at least maybe on the same day.

5.) Call me Pathia. I'm more apt to respond to this at a con than any other name. I'll also respond to Rich, Raych or Rachel, but Pathia will get a quicker headturn than anything else at a con. As far as I know, it's unique in the fandom and thus no confusion at all by saying it.


1.) Treat me like I'm 'famous'. It's flattering online, but in person it's just downright creepy. I'm just a person like yourself, I'm not special.

2.) Be offended if I wander off, or get suddenly torn away from you. I'm staff and I'll be busy, especially on duty. Don't assume it's you scared me, or that you were b bring, it's just that I'm busy.

3.) Ask me to introduce you to 'famous' artists and fandom notables. Yes I know a lot of them, but I put the word 'famous' in quotes for a reason. See the end of this note for a explanation.

4.) Ask for art. I'm not an artist! There's a decent amount of art of my characters out there, but none of it's mine. I draw about as well as rogue_megawolf, so please don't bother!

5.) Freak out of you fumble my pronouns. At least one day of the con I'm going to dress in a fashion explicitly to fuck with gender norms. I prefer female pronouns, but I'm not going to bludgeon you to death if you forget.

Regarding 'famous' furs. Furry fandom is so small I don't think the term 'famous' applies to anyone at all. Our cons are small enough that you can introduce yourself to 'famous' people, so do it! It's how I met them in the first place. Just like I said about myself, they're just normal people. Generally speaking, treating them like normal people will go father than any other method of introduction.

However, almost all of them are busier than even I will be, so if they 'dis' you it's likely not because of you, but because something else. Especially if they are cursed with a radio bud in their ear.
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