Pathia Red-Tawner (pathia) wrote,
Pathia Red-Tawner

Addition and clarification

We are not removing the ROTC from campus. We are merely removing their status as an official 'club' of the student body. They were and always have been on campus. We have no issues with them being here, we only have an issue with them getting club status. They will not let even straight students join. To join you have to join the military. It is mandated in our school CONSTITUTION if you are a club, you have to let ANYONE join. They violate this both ways.

Plus they asked for NINETY thousand dollars, which would mean we would get nothing, it would suck every penny out of every single other organization under the club system, we already got a warning that we may receive little to NO funding next year.

The reason why we are protesting it, is because if it goes through, then the rule of all students being able to join becomes invalid.

This means there can be official white only clubs, black only, hispanic only, gay only, women only, men only, atheletic only, which is specifically against the spirt of the school constitution. These groups can exist, but they cannot exist within the fouundation area that the ROTC has entered. The ROTC was already recognized as a student affiliated body. Our school sort of has two levels, one which gets more funding. ROTC entered this purely to get more money, because their money from washington has been cut. We don't take issue with this, it is their new assignment as a 'club' to join. All clubs are supposed to be open. ROTC is not.

Also ROTC is not just ODU ROTC. It is NROTC, that is the ROTC of the entire Norfolk region. Furthermore, all official student clubs have to be only for participating students (because the money we get from the government is only allowed to be spent on ODU students). It violates our spending code and would allow the federal government to yank funding of the school if they so chose.

This has very little to do with GLBT issues, almost nothing. It is purely that the GLBT members reacted first, because were the first ones that found the loophole. The entire administrative staff supports our motion and this includes a number of conservative republican vietnam vets.

The greeks on campus cannot get this money because of the same reasoning. They are a club that has rules and means to become a member. Thus they do not have access to these funds. All the frats are watching this VERY closely. If ROTC wins, they will all petition next year and request money to fund themselves.

I have to wonder if I was ranting about some Frat getting money this way if I would be getting the hatemail I have flooding my mailbox.
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