Pathia Red-Tawner (pathia) wrote,
Pathia Red-Tawner


We are fighting the ROTC on campus.

They recently became an official student organization and GLBT students are specifically protected in our school constitution, so the 'club' is violating our rules and we are trying to revoke their membership.

We have been getting harassing phone calls and emails. Someone even called using TTY, because that is inherently harder to trace or figure out who it is.

The president of the SGA publicly posted one of our member's email addresses and said 'if you support the military and want to stop this, email this individual' and emails have started to come in that are very hostile and insulting.

The thing is, we are NOT trying to disband the ROTC, we merely wish them to go back to the function they were last year, affiliated with the school, not an official organization, but the republicans are saying 'we hate the military' and 'the faggots are trying to disband the ROTC on campus' which is not true.

War is on.

Update: People have vandalized a poster of ours, we don't know if others have been too yet.
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