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Revenge of the Confunk

I feel like utter crap. I am in the lab today, but just kinda laying around doing nothing. I made a doctor's appointment because what I am coughing up and blowing out my nose shifted in color, which is sometimes a sign of bacterial infection and has always been a sign in my case. If it gets much worse I may develop pneumonia again, joy.

Edit: They squeezed me in when I sounded so horrible and when I started vomitting bloody phlegm. I bleed easy in my nasal passages, so I think that's where it's from, but I wasn't gonna take any risks of battling pneumonia again. I'm sorry if I'm missing anything out there, but the swabs came back positive for strep and I have broncitis, they gave me an emergency inhaler until my appointment as I nearly passed out walking up the stairs.
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