July 10th, 2006


Emo dump

Sometimes it's depressing to realize the truth. I run into folks that say I'm 'famous' in some circles in furry fandom. But what does that mean, really?

The simple truth is, I'm a slut. I'm a small time model. I'm a pretty face that waves and causes stares, but offers no other value to society as a whole.

All my talents lay outside the fandom, I offer nothing of value, but people still consider me their friend. I do not really understand, I am unable see what I offer to folks that others could in my place. In all situations I do nothing but take up space, everything I can offer or do, others can do ten times better and quicker.

I mean, I try hard not to be a bitch, and to annoy people. That is more than some in the fandom, but that's hardly a shining beacon of an accomplishment. Once again, many people are much more patient and caring than I.

I just don't understand...I'm nothing special.
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