May 18th, 2006


An announcement

For those of you that follow certain IC musings/journals ofa universe revolving around a Mad Scientist's paradise. Pathia has revealed something to one Dr. Holiday Wednesday today.

Peek here if interested.

Hint: Someone's going to be a father. Probably not for the first time though given her promiscuity ;-)

Mood rollercoaster

Hill 1. ) Car works perfectly. Yay!
Dip 1.) Fucked up sleep paralysis/dream while having a sort nice chat with a friend who kept me calm until I could move, but then suddenly realized that friend committed suicide several years ago.
Hill 2.) Fun RP! Yay!
Dip 2.) Tried to get gender changed on Driver's licence. No dice. Virginia DMV requires a amended birth certificate.
Dip 3.) Have to cover up my chest like a transman to pick up my brother and take him to the hospital...because...
Dip 4.) If his wife finds out, I can never see my niece again.

Total Sum: Two in the hole. Guh, why did I run out of lexapro now?
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