May 14th, 2006



I just banned/deleted my first person in LJ. It felt somewhat liberating, though a bit anticlimactic.

The individual wasn't particularly bad, but this person had personally attacked and insulted two or three friends of mine in their ranting over the last half a year or so, and I realized I don't have to take it. I have the ability to ignore opinions, I don't HAVE to listen to them if I don't want to.

I have enough stress in my life as is, I don't need to gain more for no reason other than masochism.

I think this person can read it, so if they do. Again, nothing personal, but most of your entries cause me nothing but angst and frustration. I have to constantly bite my tongue and think of how not to make an ass of myself in your journal.

I honestly don't see why I should bother.

I am really fucked up right now

I'm so poor, I can't afford Lexapro any more, I tapered myself off as best I can by cutting pills, but I'm really starting to wig out. I'm very dizzy and I feel more 'awake' when I'm asleep. My dreams feel more real than reality. I feel like I may wake up at any moment.

I can't focus, nor can I type well. I'm glad I ran out AFTER my finals, I would have failed everything if I was like this during them.

I'm also getting trembles, shakes. I really really don't feel right. I hope to god this stops, there's no way I can get more lexapro, my prescriptions are out.