April 6th, 2006


Sent to the "Other" bathroom

Apparently on the SGA floor today, a conservative wholly closeted gay young black republican who lives on the DL, motioned that "All genetic men go to the men's room and genetic women go to the women's room" specifically mentioning XY and XX chromosomes.

This of course totally leaves me out of the loop. Where am I supposed to piss damnit? Am I supposed to bifurcate and empty half my bladder in each?

Though, the real meaning of this bill was to poke at Jenjen, recently elected SGA senator, a MTF girl on campus who refused to sleep with this said closted gay young republican when he grabbed her, pushed her on the bed and forcefrenched her. He's been constantly harassing her lately telling her 'she's wrong' and should just be a dragqueen and be a closet homo just like him.

We haven't outted him yet, we're above that, but the way he's carrying on...we're becoming more tempted by the day.
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