February 21st, 2006


Guilty pleasures Meme

Don't feel obligated to do this, it is just a meme :P

What is yours?
Explain yourself
Culinary: I randomly raid Walgreens for chocolate of any sort at 3am Um...I'm not really sure. It's either hormones, in my head, or a combination of the two.
Literary: Xanth novels by Piers Anthony I've never grown up, and neither has this man.
Audiovisual: Aqua Teen Hunger Force It's fucking funny, don't ask me why, it just is.
Musical: Tatu, backstreet boys They're cute, even if they're fake!
Celebrity: Bill Gates Stretching for a celebrity, but I think he gets way too much hate. Steve Jobs on the other hand I think is a total dickhead.

Now I tag:-

nius zannyvix puctiger rogue_megawolf and shaterri

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