February 12th, 2006

Sitting Pretty

Breaking the wall

Well, not exactly, as this isn't a RP journal.

Pathia has been dropping into Dr Holiday Wednesday's universe now and then, nothing special happened until recently.

The reason for this post is, the good Dr's offer of an examination...was flagged by Thunderbird 1.5 as 'A possible scam'.

Consider myself rather tickled
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Unlimiting myself.

I had some drama, drama is over and everyone is still great friends. No worries there.

However, said drama made me realize I am severely limiting myself, I need friends nearby yes, but I have friends in other places besides blacksburg.

So, for those of you in any particular metropolitan area. I will be graduating with a MBA, master's of business administration, in a few months. If you see anything that I'd be remotely qualified, let me know if you would, please? I'd be very grateful. 80% of jobs are still filled by personal contacts, not applying due to the internet, job banks, paper ads etc. I'm futzing with me resume off and on, I should have it up on somewhere soon.